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Cayer Dyson Law’s 5-Step Process for Building a Successful Immigration Case

Experience has proven that immigration cases have a significantly higher chance of success where the client understands the process, and where the firm and the client openly communicate with one another in a quick and efficient manner. Unlike other firms, who may sometimes keep clients in the dark about case progress, at Cayer Dyson Law, we will keep you informed of case progress at each step of the way. We have developed a proven and unique 5-step process to guide our clients in understanding the fundamentals of building a successful immigration case.

Step #1 - Initial Consultation We evaluate available options for the case, including strengths/weaknesses of the case and the likelihood of case success. We provide a timeline for case completion and an estimate of legal fees for the case.

Step #2 - Case Preparation We meet with our client to discuss case details and documentary evidence needed for the case. Once our client has provided us with all of the necessary supporting evidence, we prepare the case for submission.

Step #3 - Case Submission About two weeks after the case is submitted for adjudication, we will receive an official receipt notice. Approximately three weeks later, we will receive a biometrics/fingerprinting notice. Occasionally, we receive a request for additional evidence, to which we must respond in the allotted amount of time.

Step #4 - Case Adjudication In the vast majority of cases, an interview is required as part of the case adjudication process. As soon as we receive notification of the interview date, we meet with our client to discuss possible issues and questions that may arise at the interview. On the day of the interview, we attend the interview with our client to ensure that the adjudication phase runs smoothly. If we do not receive a decision on the day of the interview, we can expect to receive a decision in the mail at a later date.

Step #5 - Follow-up As part of concluding a case, Cayer Dyson Law always notifies its clients of immigration options to consider in the future (for instance, citizenship as a possibility for someone who has just received his or her green card).

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